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A beautiful green lawn is the crowning touch to a lush and beautiful landscape but a beautiful lawn doesn't happen by accident. At Allen Landscapes we review all aspects of your property; grade plans, drainage swales even the number and position of downspouts to determine where water may need to be re-routed to avoid basement flooding issues, ponding in the landscape or even washouts that are certainly unsightly and can even be dangerous. Once the area is graded the bare earth must be covered. Sod provides an instant lawn to any new or existing home but is the most expensive option.

Hydroseeding, the spraying of seed and mulch in a slurry, is a less expensive way to get a lawn however you do have wait for it to grow and there is some weed control involved at first. Hydroseeding can be combined with sod in a custom solution. Other options with hydroseeding include wildflowers or no-mow lawns for special applications. Please call today and speak with one of professional consultants for advice on the best solution for your yard.

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