Landscaping Services Rochester MN

Allen Landscapes believes that a landscape is more than just plants, trees and turf. Landscapes should incorporate originality of design, and bring warmth and passion, interest and beauty to the space. Keeping these goals in mind our company strives to integrate them into every design and installation.

Our first step on any project is to begin by listening to the client, it's as simple as that. What do they like, or not like? What is the proposed function for the space? Is the space going to be formal or casual? Once we get the answers to these questions and many more we can begin to determine the focus for the landscape. To this end we endeavor to blend a variety of scents, textures and colors to create a design that contains interest, beauty and depth.

A great landscape is also a reflection of the materials used. Allen Landscapes uses only the highest quality plant materials and trees available, specially selected for our area, in all of our designs. When you select Allen Landscapes you are assured of getting the best.

Our Services

Paver Patios
Retaining Walls
      - Boulder Walls
      - Block Walls
Water Features
Sod & Final Grade